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Labor statistics show an increasing number of Hispanic workers are suffering work fatalities and injuries. In Indiana, Bureau of Labor Statistics show a rising trend in Latino work fatalities.

Hispanic and Latino Workers – Occupational Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities” – brochure.

Most of Indiana’s Hispanic fatalities and injuries occur in the manufacturing and construction industries. Many Hispanic accidents affecting Hispanics involve motor vehicles and equipment. In construction projects, many Latinos are injured from fall accidents. Another significant cause of injuries to Latinos involves workplace violence.

The attorneys at Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy LLP regularly represent injured Hispanic workers. We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many of our clients live and work around Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Bloomington, Frankfort, Auburn, Crawfordsville and Richmond. We will travel to visit clients and appear in local courtrooms.

We handle construction accidents, motor vehicle collisions, factory injuries, explosions and burns. Often we give legal advice to Hispanics about work place harassment and violence. Many of our clients are concerned about racial discrimination and immigration issues. Our experience and research address these issues showing why injured Indiana Latinos have legal rights regardless of immigration status. We speak Spanish and fight for our Hispanic clients in Indiana worker’s compensation claims and injury cases.
Hispanics work on risky and dangerous jobs.

Immigrants Work in Riskier and More Dangerous Jobs in the United States” –

Employers often turn their backs on injured Latino workers because they do not respect their immigration status. The Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy LLP Indianapolis attorneys open legal claims for both documented and undocumented immigrants. We explain the medical treatment options Indiana workers are owed when injured on the job. Most importantly, we care about our Hispanic clients and work to win the best recoveries the law allows.

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