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The Dram Shop Act

The Dram Shop Act

In lieu of the recent case against Tiger Woods, we thought it would be beneficial to explain the Dram Shop Act. Who is responsible when an accident or injury occurs because of someone being intoxicated?

Federal statistics & data show deaths caused by drunk drivers have dropped significantly in last 30 years, however, the phenomenon still occurs far too frequently.

In Indiana, when a drunk driver injures or kills a person, the bar or person that served the driver might share responsibility for the event. Under what is known as the Dram Shop Act, giving alcohol to a visibly drunk person can cause civil liability.

Now, the bar or person must possess or control the beverage and actually serve the alcohol. In addition, the person serving the alcohol must possess actual knowledge that the recipient was drunk at the time the beverage was provided. So, many times it is important to determine how much alcohol the person drank, over a certain time period as well as whether the person showed signs of intoxication like slurred speech or strange behavior.

If you have questions, an attorney can help sort through the issues to determine if these factors in the Dram Shop Act apply.

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Drinking More Dangerous for Young Drivers

Graduation parties and summertime for teenagers and young adults should be fun and carefree. Unfortunately, when these events are combined with alcohol, tragedy can occur.

A recent New York Times article “For Young Drivers, Drinking Is More Dangerous” provides graphics which starkly show young drivers have many fatal accidents even at low blood-alcohol levels. The article also focuses on the latest recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board to lower the current blood alcohol concentration limit of 0.08 percent to 0.05 percent, which may also lead to a reduction in teen and young adult deaths due to impaired driving.

GOODIN ABERNATHY congratulates all recent graduates and wishes everyone a safe, carefree summer.