Fatal Semi-Truck Crash, Swayzee IN4Are you or is an important person in your life suffering from a personal injury and it’s raising a lot of questions – causing a lot of stress and the need to seek help from a personal injury attorney? Where do I get medical treatment and how am I going to pay for it? What about my lost income and mounting bills? What does the law say and how do I protect my legal rights? Do I need an injuries lawyer?

Goodin Abernathy’s personal injury attorneys have the experience, capability, and passion to answer those questions and champion your legal interests. We provide you with the individual client attention you deserve. With us, you won’t get lost in the shuffle of a large, mass-marketing Indianapolis personal injury firm.

We understand your injury. Each of our attorneys has handled injury cases ranging from brain traumas, broken bones, amputations, chronic pain to wrongful death. Our personal injury attorneys have spoken with or deposed countless doctors and therapists about injury cases. We’ve reviewed medical records and medical bills for personal injury claims, and all this experience positions us to provide you superior legal services.

With our help, many of our cases settle without going to trial. Some personal injury claims need a mediation to resolve, some need a jury trial; Goodin Abernathy’s attorneys handle all methods of resolution with sensitivity to our clients’ interests.

Maybe an insurance company is contacting you or handling your personal injury claim. Does that insurance company have your best interests in mind? Is that trained and biased insurance adjuster going to fight for your legal rights? No, they won’t – but Goodin Abernathy will. Put us on your side early on and don’t put up with mistreatment from the insurance company.

If your case needs to go to trial, Goodin Abernathy handles the litigation. We hire experts; we depose witnesses; we collect records and create exhibits. Not every personal injury case is the same, and our attorneys spend the time necessary to pull out details and develop the best litigation strategies for your case.

The legal responsibility for compensating people who have been injured in an accident, at work, or in other ways is developed by case law and statutes. Contact Goodin Abernathy and one of our attorneys will give you an overview of the law affecting your claim. We’ll listen to your concerns and describe practical options for you. Schedule your free consultation today.

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