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Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

Determining if you should contact an car accident lawyer might be a difficult decision. If there is clearly another party to blame in your accident, you should contact a lawyer immediately to discuss your options. In addition, if you are unsure of who is to blame or need to sort through the events of the accident, seeking legal counsel might be a wise course of action due to a lawyer’s experience in investigation and fact finding via local and state government sources.

Common Types of Automobile Accidents

There are several different types of vehicle accidents. These include:
Head-on collisions: Accidents when the two front ends of vehicles crash into each other.
Rear-end collisions: Accidents when a car crashes into the backside of another unsuspecting vehicle.
Side-swipes: When two vehicles that are parallel to one another come into contact.
Rollovers: An accident that involves a car flipping and/or rolling.

Accidents are also categorized by single-car or multi-car crashes. Pile-ups are a common type of multi-car accident on highways or freeways and involve many cars crashing into one another. This type of accident is known to occur in bad weather conditions like rain, snow or fog or during heavy traffic. Single-car accidents take place when a car does not hit another car, but instead hits an object or loses control. Typical types of single-car accidents include hitting trees, fire hydrants, light and utility poles or pedestrians. Single-car crashers are not always the result of driver error, but can be caused by dangerous road designs, vehicle defects, or other conditions.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries range from minor to severe. Whiplash and minor neck strain are common injuries of minor car crashes, frequently when one car rear-ends another. Broken bones are another injury, while severe injuries can include amputation, head and spine trauma, and even death. Many severe injuries can cause permanent damage, such as brain damage and paralysis.

Who is to Blame?

Drivers are typically to blame for car accidents due to negligence or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, other factors can play a role in determining fault of an accident. For instance, some victims have sued a city or state if a highway road condition was found to be unsafe or if improper notice was provided about a potentially unsafe condition. If a car problem due to a faulty part resulted in the accident, the car manufacturer may be to blame. In Indiana, there is also potentially liability for owners of land whose crops or other types of plants obstruct a driver’s view of an intersection.

Safety and Prevention

Indiana law requires drivers to use reasonable care to avoid accidents. These are a few suggestions to help you stay safe while driving. Make sure you are awake and fully alert before getting behind the wheel. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or heavy medications. Put away distractions like cell phones. Obey the speed limit and provide a proper amount of distance between yourself and other drivers. If weather conditions are bad, take extra precaution and reduce your speed or avoid driving entirely. Stay alert to what other drivers are doing around you to avoid getting near those driving recklessly. Make sure your vehicle is safe to be on the road with frequent checks of the tires and fluids. But perhaps most importantly, wear your seatbelt to prevent injury and death in the event of an accident.

If another driver causes an automobile accident because he or she was distracted or driving impaired, you suffer for his or her negligence.

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