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Residential & Commercial Real Estate Purchases

Indianapolis HomeNavigating a commercial or residential purchase or sale is complicated.  A strong purchase agreement will help you protect your interests and make sure the transaction goes smoothly.  Give me a call if you have questions about your purchase agreement or need help drafting one.  It is important for a Purchases Agreement to have clearly defined duties of the parties, clear remedies for any breach, and, if you are the purchaser, it is important to negotiate “outs” for certain contingencies like financing and a bad inspection report.

Sometimes, after you have purchased a home or commercial property, issues arise that were not known or knowable at the time of closing.  Seeking a remedy from the seller, or defending against allegations from a buyer, can be complicated, particularly post-closing.  I have experience handling both sides of the issue and can help assess your potential remedies or defenses when a real estate transaction goes bad.

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Andrew Janutolo

Andrew Janutolo