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When a Driver Without Insurance Hits You

When a Driver Without Insurance Hits You

The “S” family was driving together when another vehicle hit them. During this auto accident, their vehicle flipped, causing the “S” family various injuries. They were taken by ambulance to the hospital and required medical treatment for months after the accident. Their medical bills grew large, but the driver who caused the accident did not have insurance to cover the damages.S family - personal injury case, indianapolis

The personal injury attorneys at Goodin Abernathy LLP are experienced in this area of the law. The “S” family was smart – they were driving with an insurance policy that covered them if an “uninsured” driver caused their damages. The legal team at Goodin Abernathy collected the “S” family’s insurance policy and handled their claims. The “S” family did not need to negotiate directly with their own insurance company or the hospital. The Goodin Abernathy LLP personal injury attorneys handle this work for their clients.

The hospital filed liens to collect any money paid to the “S” family – even from their own insurance company. Goodin Abernathy’s attorneys communicated with the hospital and simply negotiated a distribution of insurance proceeds that left everyone involved satisfied.

This case was complicated due to the insurance policy terms and hospital lien. If someone you know is injured in an automobile accident, contact us for answers to questions about insurance and medical bills. The Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys first try to resolve the claims through settlement – but take cases to court and present them to juries if and when necessary. Our goal is to optimize your recovery by paying attention to each client’s individual interests.

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Amputation Accidents in Indiana

Amputation Injuries at Work

During a legal seminar I attended last week, an Indiana Occupational Safety and Hazards Agency (“IOSHA”) representative presented information covering work place injuries.  The representative explained that since March 2015, new reporting and investigation regulations require IOSHA to investigate amputation injuries across the state.  The presenter was clearly surprised how many work place amputations occur every day.  This safety initiative is designed to investigate problems, enforce safety codes and prevent ongoing hazards for Indiana workers.

FAQ for IOSHA Regarding Amputations

Amputations and Worker’s Compensation

The Goodin Abernathy LLP lawyers are not surprised by these findings because we frequently help clients who have suffered amputated fingers, hands and arms.  Many of our clients need help understanding what Indiana worker’s compensation benefits are available for their damages.  These benefits include lost wages from time off work (TTD or PTD), payment of medical bills, physical therapy and psychological counseling, or payments for their impairment due to permanent physical disfigurement (PPI).

The Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board uses a table to calculate the money owed for amputation PPI ratings. What injured workers need to know is that employers and their insurance companies are obligated to address impairment ratings – but many times the workers are not told of these benefits. Also, the calculations and settlement offers insurance companies make do not always match the reasonable or fair value of a PPI rating: especially in amputation cases.

GA’s Indianapolis attorneys understand the medical and therapy plans needed to fully address amputation recoveries.  We are also experienced in evaluating the correct PPI calculations for claiming impairment benefits with all types of amputations.  Indiana has recognized the pervasive problems of amputation injuries.  This article describes the problems and also discusses a case where a worker suffered two amputations, two different times on the same machine! (click here)

If you need help understanding which benefits are available for your recovery from an amputation, call us.  If you need help calculating the extent of your amputation injury and the its recognized impairment value, contact us and put our experience to work.  Goodin Abernathy LLP will uses its experience, resources (including expert medical review) and legal background to represent you.  Don’t get cut short twice with your amputation – call us for legal help.

Indiana Job Safety: Factory Deaths and Serious Injury

A Hispanic worker was cooked alive at his job in a tuna factory.  Legal penalties were ordered for the dangerous acts of the man’s co-workers and the factory management.

Indiana’s Worker’s Compensation laws control injury and death claims when workers suffer job accidents.  This website answers many common questions injured workers have regarding their claims.  Undocumented Latino workers can legally claim medical costs and disability benefits in Indiana.  In certain cases, they can also sue general contractors, property owners or other service providers for negligence.  Unfortunately, many Spanish speaking Hispanics do not know that Indiana’s worker’s compensation laws protect them.

Our attorneys speak Spanish and many of our Goodin Abernathy LLP clients are Latino.  Since many employers and their insurance companies try to avoid paying the benefits legally required for job accidents, our experienced attorneys fight for their legal rights.  We evaluate settlement offers and push for reasonable awards.

We have represented injured workers throughout Indiana with injuries like: A burned foot when a cleaner stepped in hot oil; amputated fingers and hands when workers get their hands stuck in machines; broken backs where workers fall or get crushed at construction projects; brain injuries from head trauma after falling or getting hit by construction materials.  Also, our attorneys successfully handled cases for workers trapped inside large machinery and furnaces, like the man killed at the tuna plant in the story selected above.

Many of our Hispanic clients are worried about their immigration status.  Many of their legitimate claims go unreported because a worker does not believe the law protects them.  Contact us.  The Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys explain the benefits Hispanic workers can legally recover – regardless of their immigration status.  Call us today for a free Spanish consultation.

Indiana’s Jared Fogle and Sexual Predators

The ex-Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle, is reportedly pleading guilty to child pornography and having sex with minors. Fogle, an Indiana resident, is said to have conducted these perverted acts for years. A reporter recently told her story of taping conversations to CNN.

Sexual predators using human trafficking, many times for illegal sex, is a national problem that even Indiana faces. Human trafficking is also associated with immigration problems.

Many times, victims are caught in the trafficking system through “coyotes,” drug smuggling and gangs.

The Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy LLP Spanish speaking attorneys find solutions to immigration problems. Many of our clients are victims of criminal activity and domestic violence. Immigration laws share an interest in protecting the community by offering U-Visas to keep criminals, like sex predators, off our streets. The law also gives special protection to victims of trafficking through the T-Visa program.

If you have immigration questions, call the Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy attorneys for a free consultation. We speak Spanish and enjoy evaluating immigration opportunities for our Hispanic clients.

High School Student Injures Family After Texting and Driving

High School Student Injures Family After Texting and Driving

The Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys successfully represented two Hispanic sisters and their children for injuries caused when a high school student driver hit them. The sisters were walking along a roadway in their apartment complex when a student ran them over. One of the sisters had a child on her shoulders and the other child was in a stroller. The driver was texting a friend and not paying attention to the roadway.

Goodin Abernathy client hurt when teen was texting and driving.Our clients suffered serious injuries and went to the emergency room. The driver and her insurance company did not want to pay a reasonable amount for damages. The Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys filed a lawsuit and aggressively fought for our clients. After the insurance company understood we would not settle the case for an amount less than the damages our Mexican clients suffered, the company agreed to pay the money it owed. Thankfully our clients were patient waiting on the legal process and trusted our work. Eventually it paid off and they received settlement checks.

Many insurance companies defend motor vehicle accident claims, trying to avoid paying reasonable money for damages their clients cause. Our Latino clients depend on our experience to represent them and their immigration status does not prevent us from handling their cases.

If you, a family member or friend was injured in an accident, contact us for a free consultation. The Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys speak Spanish and take pride helping our Hispanic clients.