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If you have not been paid or suspect that you have been paid incorrectly by your employer, we would be glad to discuss the facts of your case.

At Goodin Abernathy LLP, we are glad to help you recover unpaid wages you are owed. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the wages that employees should be paid under federal and state law. If you have further questions or think that you are being paid incorrectly contact us.

What is Minimum Wage in Indiana?

Under Federal and Indiana law employers must pay most employees at least $7.25 per hour. Employers may not make deductions which would reduce your pay below this level. Some employees who receive tips as part of their income are allowed to be paid $2.13 per hour by their employer, but their pay including tips must total at least $7.25 per hour.

Should I be paid extra for Overtime hours?

Under both Federal and Indiana law employers must pay most employees 1.5 times their regular wage for any hours worked over forty in a week. Even if your employer has told you that you are exempt from overtime because of the nature of your work or the way you are paid that may not be so.

Can my employer make deductions from my pay?

Employers cannot deduct costs from your pay (such as for uniforms, equipment, or other costs) which reduce your pay below the minimum wage. Additionally, Indiana law prohibits deductions from your pay without your permission and restricts the types of deductions that can be made even with your permission.

What if I make more than the minimum wage, but am not paid all that my employer promised?

Indiana law requires employers to pay employees the wages they were promised. In some cases this may include merit-based bonuses and paid time off which you have earned.

Does my immigration status affect my rights to be paid what I am owed?

All workers regardless of their immigration status or work authorization have a right to recover for the wages they have earned.

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