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Relieving the fears and anxiety of our dreamer families, the United States Supreme Court ruled the DACA program may continue. Keep Dreaming!

The court decided the Trump administration’s attempt to end the program did not consider the harm about 700,000 Hispanics would suffer if their immigration status was suddenly yanked away.

The court considered the Trump administration’s move violated equal protection rights because it was motivated by discriminatory or racial hostility.  The administration did not follow proper legal steps to end the DACA program.  So for now, our DACA friends can live, work and enjoy life in the United States.  But the issues is not finished.

The ruling does not end the DACA debate because if proper legal steps are taken through politics, the government could end the program.  Trump’s administration just tried ending it the wrong way.

So that means Hispanics and equal justice supporters must back politicians that will protect the program.  Those politicians need votes and ground support before upcoming elections. Be more than dreamers – take action! Hispanics, let’s raise our voices, share our experience and show others why we are an important part of this country.

For today, take a deep breath and smile.  Remember to appreciate that America still respects the rule of law.