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A Hispanic worker was cooked alive at his job in a tuna factory.  Legal penalties were ordered for the dangerous acts of the man’s co-workers and the factory management.

Indiana’s Worker’s Compensation laws control injury and death claims when workers suffer factory deaths or serious injury.  This website answers many common questions injured workers have regarding their claims.  Undocumented Latino workers can legally claim medical costs and disability benefits in Indiana.  In certain cases, they can also sue general contractors, property owners or other service providers for negligence.  Unfortunately, many Spanish speaking Hispanics do not know that Indiana’s worker’s compensation laws protect them.

Our attorneys speak Spanish and many of our Goodin Abernathy LLP clients are Latino.  Since many employers and their insurance companies try to avoid paying the benefits legally required for job accidents, our experienced attorneys fight for their legal rights.  We evaluate settlement offers and push for reasonable awards.

We have represented injured workers throughout Indiana with injuries like: A burned foot when a cleaner stepped in hot oil; amputated fingers and hands when workers get their hands stuck in machines; broken backs where workers fall or get crushed at construction projects; brain injuries from head trauma after falling or getting hit by construction materials.  Also, our attorneys successfully handled cases for workers trapped inside large machinery and furnaces, like the man killed at the tuna plant in the story selected above.

Many of our Hispanic clients are worried about their immigration status.  Many of their legitimate claims go unreported because a worker does not believe the law protects them.  Contact us.  The Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys explain the benefits Hispanic workers can legally recover – regardless of their immigration status.  Call us today for a free Spanish consultation.