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The Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys recently helped their Hispanic client, Juan, resolve his construction accident claim for injuries he suffered after falling off concrete forms. Indiana Construction Accident Claim - Attorney, Jim BrowneJuan was instructed to climb up panels to build a concrete column for a parking garage. However the forms were not designed for climbing and this created a dangerous condition on his job site. Juan was not provided with adequate safety equipment to do his job. Our attorneys investigated the accident, interviewed witnesses and researched safety guidelines to present Juan’s case. The Goodin Abernathy attorneys fought for and collected money for Juan’s construction accident injuries in both a negligence case and an Indiana Worker’s Compensation claim.

Often construction companies fail to develop safety plans for construction projects. They fail to provide their workers with adequate safety equipment and push for workers to get jobs done despite serious hazards. Construction safety studies show that about one-third of the fatal falls in construction were from roofs, 18% were from scaffolding or staging, 16% were from ladders, and 8% were from girders or structural steel. The other 25% of fatal falls includes falls through existing floor openings, non moving vehicles and lifts. The Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys frequently help clients who have suffered serious physical injuries after falling off roofs, scaffolding, dangerous ladders, framing jobs and from masonry or concrete projects. Our experienced Spanish speaking attorneys handle both the worker’s compensation and negligence claims to seek maximum financial recovery for our clients.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) publish guidelines and instructions for preventing falls on job sites. This instruction guide by OSHA provides great details and tips for job safety.

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