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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycles account for 15 percent of traffic accidents resulting in death, despite motorcycles only accounting for 3 percent of all registered vehicles and only traveling less than 1 percent of all miles on the road.  These statistics, however,  do not report the number of personal injuries motorcycle riders experience each and every year.

The reasons for more fatalities directly correlate to why a motorcycle is fun to ride – not being enclosed in a vehicle while the wind blows across your face or through your hair.  Motorcycles also are harder to see because they simply do not take up the same amount of space a traditional car does, so other motorists do not see motorcyclists as well.

Even though not required by Indiana state law, if you do wear a helmet, make sure you consider the fit, whether it has adjustable pads , facial coverage, and good ventilation.  In addition, make sure it has the “DOT” (Department of Transportation) label or at least the Snell or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) labels so you know it is certified to meet minimum safety standards.  Also consider wearing protective clothing, jackets, and shoes specifically designed for motorcycle use.  Not only will you be more protected, you’ll look good also.

If you do have a motorcycle accident or if your loved one suffers a wrongful death while riding, the attorneys at Goodin Abernathy, LLP can sit down with you to discuss your options (contact us by clicking here).  Be safe and enjoy motorcycling!

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