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Indiana’s Hispanic population around Fort Wayne and Elkhart continues growing. Information describing the population growth is shown.  Many of these Spanish speaking residents face immigration and general legal issues.  The Goodin Abernathy LLP attorneys are experienced and take pride helping their Latino clients.

The attorneys at Goodin Abernathy LLP frequently visit the Fort Wayne and Elkhart, IN areas to meet with Latino clients.  Our experience shows many Hispanic clients qualify for immigration services including visas, work permits, residency and citizenship.  Since Immigration law is federal, we are also able to help clients living nearby in Illinois and Michigan and Ohio.  Our Spanish speaking attorneys consult with clients by telephone and in meeting with them in person to evaluate their best immigration options.

Frequently our clients throughout Fort Wayne, Auburn and Elkhart qualify for DACA, U Visas, TPS, naturalization, legal permanent residency and deportation protection.  Many of these clients have had contact with the police and law enforcement agencies and need their criminal court history.  But the Fort Wayne police and Sheriff’s department make it difficult for non-citizens to obtain their records.  We regularly send requests and work to collect the reports our clients need.  Our attorneys explain the fingerprinting process and prepare clients for their immigration interviews.  We translate documents and walk our clients through the process, start to finish.

The Spanish speaking attorneys at Goodin Abernathy LLP provide individual and focused attention to their immigration clients.  Visit our Spanish web site at

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Attorneys Browne is connected to the Hispanic community by family, friends and their community work.  Attorney Browne’s mother is Mexican and Mahern’s husband is Mexican.  They speak Spanish and care about their clients.  Our Legalmente Hablando Indy attorneys provide clear explanations and arrange affordable payment programs.  If you do not currently qualify for an immigration opportunity, they will tell you – but they will also tell you how to plan your future and what to look for as the immigration laws change.