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Recently the US Department of Labor posted a story on their Facebook page about a temporary worker who was crushed to death on the first day of his job at a bottling facility.

In 2013, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced an initiative to improve safety conditions for temporary workers.

When a worker is employed by a temporary agency and is assigned to a specific host employer, both the agency and the host have responsibilities to ensure the safety of employees. Unfortunately many temporary workers are injured on the job, some on their first day as in the case of the worker in the bottling facility.

The attorneys of Goodin Abernathy LLP have experience representing injured temporary workers when they are injured on the job. Even if it was your first day or first week on the job site you have rights as an employee in Indiana if you are injured on-the-job– even if you are a temporary employee. Many of our Spanish-speaking clients work for temporary agencies and have suffered injuries at work. These cases present unique circumstances and challenges for workers. If you have been injured while employed by a staffing agency and have questions, don’t hesitate to call us—317-843-2606.