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Yesterday, November 13, 2014 several news networks posted information obtained from sources in the capital. Here are the most important developments today (photo courtesy of MSN/AP Wire):

1) The New York Times newspaper reported that it had information that the Obama administration will extend deferred action to include people who have children who are citizens or residents. It is also considering giving some benefit to farm workers, according to the article.

2) The network FOX News reported that it obtained a copy of a “10-point plan.” The 10 points include deferred action for parents of children who are residents or citizens, extending the provisional waivers for spouses and children of permanent residents, and make changes to the Secure Communities program that connects fingerprint system of local police and officers immigration. For now the document is only identified as proposed.

3) There were reports that perhaps the President could take action before November 21; But Univision is reporting a source in the White House has said the President’s plans are not yet finalized.

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