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Need Help Protecting Your Professional Reputation?

Are you facing an embarrassing issue at work? Is there a problem that might hurt your reputation and even your professional license? Fortunately, we may be able to help.

Even if what happened wasn’t necessarily criminal, it can still damage or destroy your professional reputation. You may face discipline from a professional licensing body, or you may face difficulty securing new employment. The good news is that our professional employment lawyers here in Indianapolis help deserving clients minimize damage and keep their careers in tact.

What Kinds of Offenses Can Tarnish Your Professional Reputation?

There may be a number of different ways that you might get in trouble at work. You may have been caught sexting or watching pornography on the job. There may be issues with sending inappropriate emails on company servers. Even what you do in your personal life might create professional problems.

Perhaps you’ve been accused of stealing from the company. Maybe you’ve been accused of inappropriate behavior with a client. Maybe something as simple as failing to report a criminal conviction to a supervisor can land you in hot water.

If you’ve made a mistake at work, the employer might claim that the error reflects on your professional ability. You might fail to meet targets in a way that results in your dismissal. Insubordination or failing to follow regulations are other problems that might cause an issue with your professional license and reputation in the community.

We Can Help You Minimize the Damage to Your Reputation

We work with deserving clients in order to help them defend their character and minimize damage as much as possible. No matter where you’re at in the process, we can work with you in order to help you defend yourself and preserve your career. This is critical at all stages when you face an embarrassing work issue.

Negotiating with Your Employer

Even before the professional licensing agency becomes involved, we can help you minimize the situation and mitigate the circumstances. It may be as simple as working together in order to present evidence to the employer that shows your side of the story. There may be ways that we can ask the employer for documents or records that can help the employer to make sense of the situation.

From there, we work with the employer to negotiate a resolution that may protect you. Perhaps rather than terminating your employment, you can agree to complete education courses. If they absolutely insist on termination, we can help you negotiate favorable terms.

For example, you may work with the employer in order to accept your resignation rather than report you as fired for cause. This can be invaluable to securing your next employment. We might be able to negotiate another reason for your departure. We might work with the employer to reach a non-disclosure agreement so that they don’t discuss the matter with professional colleagues or prospective employers. Most importantly, they might agree to terminate you for a reason that isn’t going to be as damaging to your professional license.

Helping with Professional Licensing Issues

Even if your embarrassing issue comes to the attention of the professional licensing authority that oversees your work, all is not lost. There are ways that we can work with the licensing board in order to defend your career and license. In some cases, this means aggressively defending the charges against you. In other cases, it means negotiating for the best possible disposition.

For example, if you’re an attorney that faces an allegation of misappropriating client funds, we can negotiate with the bar for an appropriate resolution. Even if the association doesn’t agree to dismiss the allegations against you, they might agree to issue a warning rather than a suspension. That can mean the difference between staying in business or needing to close up shop.

How We Do It

Our passion for helping our clients get back to their lives is what drives us to give 100 percent in each case. We offer thorough, professional services without judgment. You’re going through a stressful time. We can deal with the stress on your behalf. Our team gets to the heart of the matter, and we make sure that we don’t miss details that can provide you a defense or mitigate your case.

Handling your case is about so much more than just knowing the laws and licensing rules. This type of case takes tact. It takes sensitivity and an eye for knowing how to approach the employer and the licensing authority.

No matter your licensing issue, we can help. Whether you’re a real estate agent, insurance professional, attorney, day care provider, health care professional, teacher or other licensed professional, we can help the licensing agency see why you’re an asset to the profession. Not only do we help the employer or licensing board understand the true nature of the allegations against you, but we help them understand why you’re an asset to your profession.

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If you’re facing a potentially embarrassing professional issue, we invite you to contact us. Our team offers understanding and compassionate service aimed at helping you preserve your career and get back to life as normal as quickly as possible. Our consultations are free. Please contact us today to talk about your case.