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The ex-Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle, is reportedly pleading guilty to child pornography and having sex with minors. Fogle, an Indiana resident, is said to have conducted these perverted acts for years. A reporter recently told her story of taping conversations to CNN.

Sexual predators using human trafficking, many times for illegal sex, is a national problem that even Indiana faces. Human trafficking is also associated with immigration problems.

Many times, victims are caught in the trafficking system through “coyotes,” drug smuggling and gangs.

The Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy LLP Spanish speaking attorneys find solutions to immigration problems. Many of our clients are victims of criminal activity and domestic violence. Immigration laws share an interest in protecting the community by offering U-Visas to keep criminals, like sex predators, off our streets. The law also gives special protection to victims of trafficking through the T-Visa program.

If you have immigration questions, call the Legalmente Hablando Indy and Goodin Abernathy attorneys for a free consultation. We speak Spanish and enjoy evaluating immigration opportunities for our Hispanic clients.