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After my brain injury, it was a difficult challenge for me even to make contact with people to find the legal help I needed. With limited ability to focus, and ongoing short-term memory issues, I felt like I was swimming at the edge of a waterfall, continually distracted my minor issues, and missing important deadlines. Several law offices set appointments for me that were several days away, creating multiple challenges for me. I had to write down the appointment; I had to schedule multiple alarms for myself to get ready, allow time to drive, arrange to have someone with me in case I got confused, and coach that person on how to coach me so that the things I needed to ensure were discussed, got discussed. I don’t blame the several lawyers who turned me down. I can understand the questionable profitability in working with someone who can be sharp in one moment, and confused or asleep a short time later. Even the lawyers who seemed interested were not willing to work around my intermittent competence, although one lawyer at least helped me set up a power-of-attorney to help ease some of my difficulties, by enabling my daughter to step in as-needed.

When I contacted Chip Clark at Goodin Abernathy, I found someone who understood my situation and my need for someone who could not only fight on my behalf, but also enable me to communicate my concerns. A phone call, followed by a personal meeting that was arranged so I could be at my best, and a willingness to be flexible as my own capabilities changed, assured me I had found an Indianapolis lawyer who could help. He worked out agreements with me and the insurance company that ensured the insurance company’s best offer would still be available to me after further negotiation, with no penalty due to his fees if he was not able to negotiate an improved offer. Chip and his associates were always quick to respond to my questions, even though I frequently was not quick in responding to them. In Goodin Abernathy, I found a level of professionalism and clarity that always left me confident I was getting the best representation. When the reality of the negotiation process didn’t fit my expectations, Chip helped me understand the situation in a way that enabled me to feel confident in my responses, and when potential pitfalls came that could have been detrimental, Chip negotiated around those also on my behalf. He also communicated with my Social Security lawyer, and helped me understand that process, and to trust what that lawyer was doing on my behalf. Chip even intervened on my behalf on a couple of matters unrelated to the case he was working on, that enabled me to focus on what was important for me at the time.

The end result of my brief association with Chip Clark, including the advice he gave me and my daughter on investing the settlement proceeds he negotiated on my behalf, is that now I have a life that is no longer out of control. Part of my settlement purchased an annuity and a bill-payment contract that ensures my bills get paid on time. Part of my settlement is growing for future needs. I cannot speak more highly of him or his law firm.