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Construction sites present active and dangerous areas.  Attorney Jim Browne and Goodin Abernathy LLP help injured construction workers prosecute their Indiana injury claims.  These cases are typically known as Indiana Workers Compensation claims.   Our experienced legal team offers Spanish-speaking service and customized care for each of our clients.  If you or a co-worker were injured on a construction site, contact us for a free legal consultation with attorney Browne in Spanish.  Your immigration status does not prevent you from making a legal claim in Indiana.  

Indiana allows an injured employee to make a civil claim for benefits against their employer after suffering a construction site injury.  If you were hurt in the course of your job, you can make a claim no matter how it happened – even if you did something to cause the injury.  This claim is controlled by Indiana’s Worker’s Compensation law.  Indiana Workers Compensation laws requires employers to offer injured workers with set benefits like medical treatment, payments for time off work and the value of your permanent physical impairment.  The insurance companies that defend employers and pay the benefits are trained to save money.  You should have an experienced attorney at your side, fighting for the maximum value of your claim.  We do not charge a legal fee to represent you unless we collect money for your case.  This is called a contingency fee where our legal team charges a percentage of the amount of money we win for your case.  Our fees are explained in English and Spanish with written agreements you review with the attorney. 

Importantly, Goodin Abernathy also investigates whether you are eligible for making a negligence claim against another responsible party, like a construction manager or general contractor.  The law and damages in a negligence case are different than a Workers Compensation claim and you need an experienced litigator for help.  Our legal team uses experts, investigates reports and handles the legal research required to make a construction accident negligence claim. 

Examples of Indiana Worker’s Compensation and Negligence Cases


Juan works for a masonry contractor named Block Inc.  While at the Block Inc. offices, he is loading bricks when he falls out of a truck and breaks his ankle.  Because he was injured at work and while doing his job, Juan has an Indiana Worker’s compensation claim.  The employer owes him medical treatment and payments for time he misses from work.  When the doctors say Juan is finished with medical treatment but has a permanent physical restriction, the employer needs to pay him money for the impairment.  Juan does not have negligence case because no other person, company or equipment was involved with the accident. 


Juan’s masonry company Block Inc. is working at a new hotel project owned by Hotel Inc.  Hotel Inc. hired All Service LLC to be the general contractor.  The job of All Service LLC is to hire, contractors and organize the construction job.  While Juan is at the construction site, he climbs up on a scaffold to build a wall.  On the ground, a carpenter that works for Woodworks Inc. is driving a forklift and accidentally hits the scaffolding.  This causes Juan to fall off and suffer an injury.  1) Juan does have a worker’s compensation claim against his Block Inc., his employer.  2) Juan has a negligence claim against Woodworks Inc. for causing his damages.  3) Juan may also have a negligence claim for his damages against the general contractor that was obligated to manage safety and traffic at the construction site.  


Hector is using a new air pistol to drive nails on a framing project in Indiana.  The tool explodes from too much air pressure and injures Hector’s hand.  Hector has a workers compensation claim against his employer.  He may also have a negligence claim against the air pistol manufacturer for a faulty design.  This claim depends on the age of the tool, identifying the manufacturer of the tool and evidence it was designed or made negligently.  Hector needs the support of Goodin Abernathy to investigate the tool company.  Attorney Browne might need to use experts that examine and explain why the tool was negligently made and caused the injury. 


Maria works for USA Staffing LLC.  The staffing company pays her to do work at different companies.  USA Staffing LLC assigns her to AAA Factory where she works on a production line.  Maria turns to pick up a package off the floor and feels a pop in her back.  Though she was injured at the AAA Factory, Maria has a workers compensation claim against USA Staffing LLC for her injury. 


Marco is a painter who works for a guy named Arnold.  Arnold gets jobs from a painting company and pays Marco cash to do the work.  Marco falls off a ladder and breaks his arm but discovers Arnold does not have insurance.  When employers do not have insurance, the law allows workers to make claims against the contractors or property owners that hired their boss. Attorney Browne helps Marco identify two other potential defendants that might owe him for the same benefits that Arnold owes him. 


German lives in Indiana.  He works for a demolition business in Indiana called Demo Inc. that is also located in Indiana.  German lives in Indiana and they do most of their work in Indiana.  Demo Inc. gets a job in the state of Ohio and takes its crew there.  While at the project site in Ohio, a wall falls onto German and injures him.  German has a workers compensation claim and can decide whether to make it in the state of Indiana or Ohio.  German consults with attorney Browne to learn and choose which state law he wishes to use for making the claim.   

Goodin Abernathy offers free, relaxed consultations with attorney Browne.  He and his team speak Spanish and understand your needs.  You, your family and friends are invited to attend the consultation and learn about the law controlling your injury claim.  We take the time to listen and answer your questions.

It is important to contact us immediately before evidence disappears and the insurance company starts telling you what they are going to do with your claim.  Let us help you with a legal evaluation, make decisions and tell the insurance company we are representing you.  Call us at 317-843-2606 and schedule your appointment today.