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How do you choose a Personal Injury Attorney?

Anyone who has been in central Indiana for the last 30 days has spent more time than they would have ever thought possible watching television, and in particular, innumerable television advertisements for legal services, and in particular, personal injury lawyers.
It strikes us that the average lay person would have no way of knowing which of several law firms might provide the legal services that that individual might require.
People of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities suffer personal injuries themselves or have their lives effected by substantial and catastrophic injuries that no one ever asks for.
The question then becomes – “If I don’t know a lawyer personally, how do I pick the right personal injury attorney to represent me, and who will protect my interest and my interest alone?”
The simple answer to that question is that anyone who finds themselves in this predicament must develop a comfort level with that lawyer and the law firm they select to represent their interest. This can only happen after a long and frank discussion with the lawyer as opposed to an investigator or paralegal or that lawyer’s assistant.
Most personal injury claims take a fair amount of time to resolve and that necessitates a great deal of time spent between the lawyer and the client. For that reason alone the personal injury victim must feel that the lawyer knows what he or she is doing and has that victim’s best interest at heart.
Victims of personal injury accidents are entitled to straightforward answers to their questions regarding the length of time involved, fees and expenses to be incurred on their behalf, potential outcomes, and detailed knowledge of what they can reasonably expect their lawyer to do for them.
This can only come after personal contact between the lawyer and the client. If you have questions about your case or are struggling with choosing the right personal injury attorney, call or email me and I will personally answer your questions. There is never a fee unless I agree to take your case.