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The general answer to this question is “Yes.”  Indiana is an “at-will” employment state, which simply means that you work at the will of your employer.  However, there are some very significant exceptions to this general rule.  Specifically, you cannot be fired for a discriminatory reason.  That means that an employer cannot fire you for being a member of or having the characteristics of a protected class.  The protected classes are Race, Color, Age (over 40), National Origin, Disability, Religion, Pregnancy, or Genetic Information.  If you can demonstrate that the reason for the termination was due to discrimination based on one of the aforementioned protected classes, then it is likely that the termination was discriminatory, and therefore considered a wrongful termination.

Employers typically will argue that the termination was based on something other than the protected class, for example: performance.  If the employer can present evidence of poor performance, then the burden shifts back to the employee to prove that the employer’s reason is pretext (not true) and that the real reason was based on discrimination.  If an employer is unable to document a legitimate, non-discriminatory basis for the termination, then it may be easier to prove discrimination was the employer’s motivation for firing the employee.