Work Related Accidents

Work Related Accidents

A teacher is leading her third grade class back from P.E. into the school. While walking along the sidewalk that connects the play area to the classroom building, she trips on a piece of broken concrete, resulting in a foot fracture. This instance could be classified as a work-related accident.
Work related accidents do not only occur in factories or jobs with physical labor. They can occur anywhere. A work-related accident can be defined as an injury or illness that happens during employment or because of employment.

Types of Work Related Accidents and Injuries

The list of work-related accidents and injuries are as vast and varied as there are different types of jobs. Most work-related accidents can fit into five categories:
• Factory/warehouse accidents
• Driving accidents
• Machinery/equipment accidents
• Office accidents
• Retail accidents

Injuries can happen anywhere and anytime. They may include but are not limited to injuries such as:
• Back and neck injuries/problems
• Falls resulting in fractures, sprains and concussions
• Burns and lacerations
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Loss of limb or internal injury

Legal Actions

If you or a loved one is involved in a work-related injury, follow the company’s protocol for reporting injuries. Typically, a supervisor is notified immediately and the incident is reported, documented and medical treatment is administered. The final step is to file a claim for worker’s compensation if applicable.

Safety Precautions

To prevent work-related accidents and injuries, employees and employers need to follow standard safety protocols at all times. This means all OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) safety regulations must be followed. OSHA standards help keep workplaces safe for employers, employees and even customers.
A worker's comp attorney can help you navigate the legal issues surrounding a work-related injury case. They can assist in filing any paperwork and offer the best course of action for receiving due compensation.