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Construction Accidents

Construction sites, factories, and roofing jobs pose dangerous conditions that frequently cause injury to workers. Heavy equipment, motorized machinery, scaffolding, and human negligence usually lead to crush injuries, amputations, falls, and life-threatening accidents.

construction accident attorneyThe construction industry requires workers with strong bodies and capable hands, but even the most cautious and skilled employees can be at risk when heavy equipment and hazardous working conditions come together. Building sites, warehouses, roadwork, and commercial as well as residential roofing work create dangerous conditions that can cause risk and injury to workers. A misstep, poorly set ladder, incorrectly constructed scaffolding, or other human negligence, can cause crush injuries, lacerations, amputations, falls, and other catastrophic injuries or construction accidents.

When a construction worker is hurt on the job, the employer is required to have insurance to pay for medical bills, and one of the first steps is to file a worker’s compensation claim for benefits. Goodin Abernathy LLP’s long history and experience of working with injured workers in construction accident claims offers the injured client access to an in-depth review of any and all pertinent construction law claims against potential third parties and their impact upon the particular case. Our firm offers skilled experience and knowledge of the Indiana laws regarding construction negligence claims, and how and when they are filed.

Providing a safe working environment and the necessary safety training to all employees on site is the responsibility of the general contractor and/or the construction manager. The property owner is required to notify the general contractor or the construction site manager of all hazards known to them. Any and all heavy equipment on site should be in a usable condition with all safety features attached and functioning effectively. Safety is everyone’s job, and in such dangerous conditions, everyone needs to remain vigilant to risks to every worker on site. The attorneys at Goodin Abernathy have helped clients who’ve lost limbs to injuries, including amputations of fingers, hands and arms. Other injuries include broken bones or spinal injuries from falls off ladders, scaffolding and buildings. Our clients have suffered crushing injuries under forklifts and other heavy equipment, and we have been able to obtain compensation for their injuries beyond the benefits prescribed by the Indiana Workers Compensation Act.

Our attorneys are skilled in the knowledge of Indiana’s OSHA regulations. Additionally, published construction safety guidelines are available and any failure to follow them on site offer us the chance to prosecute accident cases on behalf of our clients. We bring in additional expertise, including construction industry experts, to provide a detailed investigation of the work site. Evidence collection is undertaken to help us aggressively represent our clients as they focus on rehabilitation and recovery.

Construction workers and their families need and deserve the fruits of their hard labor. Should you, a family member or friend, suffer an injury while at work, be it on a construction site, or other place of business, you deserve the best representation available during your recovery. Take the step of contacting the professionals at Goodin Abernathy for a free evaluation of your case and initial consultation. Goodin Abernathy LLP fights for injured workers and their families to provide them with the proper health care moving forward and all financial benefits due them according to the law.

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